Who we are

We are your Neapolitan tailor of made-to-measure and bespoke shirts online.

We create shirts in which sartorial art is combined with exceptionally quality fabrics, to give you absolute comfort.

Our story begins with the passion of Gennaro Brocchieri, a Neapolitan tailor who dedicated his life to the art of tailoring.

After years spent learning the trade at the most renowned tailors in the area, in 1972 Gennaro decided to open his own workshop, where he created garments on commission for important brands in the clothing world.

His passion, professionalism, courtesy and quality of work soon made him one of the most respected and loved entrepreneurs in the area.

Today Gennaro Brocchieri is gone, but he has succeeded in the wonderful task of transferring his inexhaustible passion to his children and grandchildren. For this reason, the Brocchieri family decides to continue the business, and to start the artisanal production of men’s shirts.

The Brocchieri Shirts brand was born with the desire to honor Gennaro’s sartorial tradition and passion, with the aim of creating high-quality shirts with authenticity, correctness and competence.

We are a small artisan company with a great product. We are proud to preserve and promote the tradition of men’s haute couture, just as Gennaro Brocchieri would have raised it.

We are honored to be part of a world where the mastery of tailors creates real magic. A world of precious fabrics, yarns, buttons, scissors and ancient gestures…

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    tailor & co-founder
    MANAGER & co-founder


Study and development of new shirt models by analyzing trends and listening to the needs of different customers.


An ever growing network of Commercial Assistants who can advise and assist you before and after the purchase.


Thanks to the use of Body-Scanners, in addition to RTW and MTM shirts, we can also make BESPOKE shirts remotely.


You are never alone in your purchase: you can use the simple Web configurator, but you can also be assisted by us or by our Assistants in your area.