By using this website, the user accepts the following conditions of use and sale:

I – Validity and definition of our relations with individuals

(1) Our offer is aimed at individuals. The following terms and conditions apply to transactions between us and individuals and are valid from the time of order.

(2) By “individual”, pursuant to these conditions, we mean any person, natural or legal, who stipulates a legal act for the purpose of acquiring goods for himself or for other persons, but not intended for resale, or, at least , without this constituting a prevalent activity.

II – Conclusion of the contract, saving the text of the contract

(1) The following provisions apply to the contract for the purchase through our webshop BrocchieriCamicie.it including sub-domains.

(2) The contract is concluded with:

Via L. da Vinci n. 40 – I-80017 Melito – Na
P.Iva IT09531541218

(3) The presentation of products in our online store does not constitute a legally binding contractual offer on our part, but only a non-binding request to the contractor to order the goods. By ordering the desired products, the contractor makes a binding offer for him to sign the “sales contract”, if finished products (which do not require customization that alters their salability to third parties) or the “work contract”, instead if these are customized products for the customer, in terms of product dimensions and configuration.

The acceptance of the offer is made in writing or by sending the ordered goods within the delivery times indicated on this site. After the deadline indicated on the website has expired, the offer is considered rejected.

(4) Upon receipt of an order in our online store, the following rules are valid: the individual has made a binding offer when he has successfully completed the order provided for in our online shop procedure.

The order is concluded after having performed the following points:

1. Selection of the desired product and possible configuration of the same
2. Confirm by clicking on the “Add to cart” button
3. Checking the information in the shopping cart
4. Click on the “checkout” button
5. Enter the applicant’s information (e-mail address and personal data).
6. Final dispatch of the order

the buyer can, before the entire transaction is concluded, check the information entered in the order using the “back” button of the browser used, then correct any errors or close the browser, thus canceling the entire transaction.
Our system receives your order directly from an automatic e-mail generator (confirmation). This does not automatically constitute acceptance of the order, which will instead be confirmed in writing or directly with the delivery of the goods within the agreed terms.

(5) Storage of the contract text of the order placed on our online shop: it is advisable to save the contract text, we will send the order confirmation and our “terms and conditions” by e-mail. You can also consult our “Terms and Conditions of use and sale” at any time on https://brocchiericamicie.it. It is possible to monitor your orders in our customer area.

(6) The customer gives his consent to the use of illustrative images of the products ordered and made for him on the website and in other advertising media by Brocchieri 1972 Srl. This, of course, without any direct reference or indirectly to the Customer himself.

III – Prices, shipping costs, payment, deadline

(1) All prices are presented with VAT and are net of any shipping costs. Shipping costs are those indicated on the shipping costs page at the time of the order and in any case highlighted in the “cart” at the time of payment. All prices shown in currencies other than EURO are calculated on the basis of the exchange rate published by the European Central Bank on the same day.

(2) The order must be paid in advance online by credit card, or other payment methods that may be provided (the prices shown on the site already include the cash discount for advance payment).

(3) In the absence of payment, there is no obligation on the part of the seller to send the goods to the customer.

IV Right of Withdrawal

(1) The legislation protects the consumer from purchases made online, or in other places other than the seller’s shop, allowing him 14 days. for a possible reconsideration (withdrawal). Within this period, the Individual can exercise his right by communicating it by simple e-mail to info@brocchiericamicie.it, or, if you prefer, by Pec to brocchieri1972@pec.it, and can also be submitted without a motivation. This is the case of RTW (Ready To Wear) shirts and therefore ready, or of any finished products marketed as cufflinks for shirts or other similar.

(2) However, it should be borne in mind that the same legislation also protects the seller from withdrawal, on products that would become unsaleable to third parties, should the customer change his mind. This is the case with MTM (Made-To-Measure) shirts; Bespoke Shirts (tailored even more personalized than the MTM); and anything else customized for the customer, always in terms of measurement and / or configuration.

V – Right of Return

(1) If the goods have already arrived to the Customer, or even just departed from the Seller, the Customer can decide to request the Return and return all or part of the goods received, within the same maximum period of 14 days. from the arrival of the goods. Proof of dispatch to the Post Office or to the courier within the set deadlines will be valid, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties.

(2) As in the previous point, products made to measure and / or configured by and for the Customer are excluded from the right of return, thus making them unsellable to third parties. For this kind of products, the customer can request, if the will to return is caused by defects in the execution of the work, the repair, or, if this is not possible, the replacement of the goods with another similar one without the defects found. . For any replacement, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the customer will not be able to change the original characteristics (type of fabric, color, type of neck, etc …) of the product originally ordered. The seller, on the other hand, for reasons of force majeure, such as the exhaustion of that particular fabric, may agree with the customer to replace it with a similar one of equal value and equal characteristics, albeit different in texture and / or color.

(3) For the possible return of non-personalized items, the return costs to the seller are normally charged to the customer. Brocchieri 1972 Srl, to reduce the inconvenience to the customer as much as possible, offers to use its agreement with DHL with which it has prices far lower than those that the customer would pay for a single shipment.

(4) Upon receipt of the returned goods, the Seller will check the quantity and quality, and, finding no anomalies, will refund the amount previously received by the customer for that goods within 15 days. from receipt of the same. If the customer opted for the return through the convention with the aforementioned couriers, Brocchieri will withhold his own cost, returning the amount to the customer net of the latter.

VI – Language of the contract

The language of the contract, whether it is a sale or a work, is Italian.

VII – Jurisdiction and applicable law

For the use of this website and all relations with us, the law of the Italian Republic applies exclusively. Jurisdiction is Naples.

VIII – Customer service

For any questions or complaints, our Customer Service is available to which you can:

General Manager