Tie CR-BR-AS-0307.FSG55A

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Six Folds Tie (see below), Jacquard, in 100% Silk from the best silk factories in Como. I use mainly for ceremonies.

Micro-pattern: small light-grey flowers on a slightly darker silver-grey herringbone background.

Length: 150cm.

Shovel width: 8 cm.

To better adapt them to your build or taste, custom-made ties can be made on request, i.e. with a length of 140 cm. at 165cm. and with 4 cm shovel. to 10 cm.

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All the ties in our collection are made exclusively with Como silk and hand-sewn in Naples by expert hands.

This tie is a Six Folds, that is, a tie that does not have a shimming core inside, but is entirely made of precious fabric, and the consistency is given precisely by the fabric folded several times on itself (hence the name).

It is unquestionably a more complex and much more expensive process, given the greater consumption of fabric, but it makes this “accessory” a garment of great value recognized throughout the world.

All our ties are then equipped with hand tacks and friction thread which must be tightened by pulling it from the tail when the knot is in the optimal configuration to avoid relaxation of the knot itself.

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Gray-Black, Silver




Micropatterns, Solid colour

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