The seams by hand

With Brocchieri shirts, 4 stitches by hand are always included.

Choose if you prefer 4, 9 or 13 hand stitching

We recognize the value and charm of imperfection, which only a hand passage can give.

In our tailoring we always consider 4 hand stitching included, because for us they are essential.

In all the settings, we always use buttons in real Australian mother-of-pearl, Gutermann thread and Wendler interlinings. Ensuring the highest quality even of the components, as well as obviously of the fabrics and workmanship, is the priority for us.

The cut of the fabric is always and rigorously carried out with scissors.

Note: to access the configuration of your shirt, we remind you that it is sufficient to click on the relative image, within the single sheet of the fabric chosen (as in the example in the figure).


The ideal shirt for the manager or the professional who goes to work every day, with the certainty of being perfect inside and out. The Business shirt has different hand stitching , the essential ones to feel pampered.

We take care of your Business shirt, with 4 hand-sewn steps.


When perfection is not enough but you need to stand out, further hand stitching takes the field, which make it a shirt suitable for all your events.

We take care of your Executive shirt, with 9 hand-sewn steps.


The shirt as it once was. The accuracy of the construction defines the perfect fit, guaranteeing a unique comfort experience. An exclusive shirt that keeps its value unchanged over time.

We take care of your Atelier shirt, with 13 hand-sewn steps.

How do we make the shirt on your physicality?

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