Linen shirt, Poplin, Oxford, Twill… ONLY the best Fabrics

Choose your ideal fabric for your next handcrafted shirt

Are you looking for an excellent Poplin, Oxford, or Twill shirt? Or a linen shirt that makes you feel really good, fresh and soft, but that looks elegant and stylish?

You are in the right place, for our shirts we only use the best possible fabrics!

The Brand of the fabric

Only the best Poplin, Twill, Oxford, Zephir, Linen enter the Brocchieri Cami catalogues. In our catalogs we offer only the best fabrics in the world by Albini 1876, Thomas Mason 1796, Canclini 1925 and Carlo Riva.


Discover the sensation of softness, style and comfort on the skin that only excellent quality fabrics can give. Wear a shirt that knows how to enhance your elegance and your style, choosing from the best fabrics and the sartorial craftsmanship of Brocchieri Camisetas.

The typology

Shirt in Popeline, Twill, Oxford, Zephir, Linen shirts or Denims. The type is always indicated in the single fabric cards of our catalogue.

The title

The title expresses the measurement of the fineness of the fabric, and is always indicated in the individual sheets of our catalogue. It is defined in threads per centimeter (threads/cm): the higher the count value, the finer the fabric will be (for example, a 120 count fabric is finer than an 80 count fabric).

The double twisted is instead a spinning technique which consists in intertwining two threads of fabric together, giving it greater strength and durability. Double twisted fabrics are usually more valuable than simple fabrics. They require more time and manpower to produce, but offer greater durability and excellent quality.

In general, fabrics with a high count (for example, above 80 threads/cm) and double twisted (80/2) are more valuable and of higher quality than fabrics with a lower count or simple.  

The Weight (g/m2)

The weight of the fabric is indicated in grams per square meter (g/m²).

A fabric with a higher weight will be thicker and more robust, suitable for a winter period, while a fabric with a lower weight will be suitable for the summer.

The weight of the fabric can also be determined by the type of yarn used in its production.

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