Customise the details of your unique shirt

Personalize the details you want of your custom shirt

Configure your shirt in our online tailoring

The type of collar you want and the cuff model are the only choices we ask you to indicate necessarily, precisely because they outline the intended use and personality of your shirt.

However, our Sartoria Brocchieri offers a really complete possibility to make every possible customization.

Note: to access the configuration of your shirt, we remind you that it is sufficient to enter the individual fabric tab, within our shop online.

Qui di seguito indichiamo una panoramica di tutte le scelte (opzionali) disponibili per rendere unica la tua camicia. Mentre la scelta del collo, del polsino, e delle eventuali ulteriori cuciture a mano, sono già state trattate nelle rispettive sezioni in menù del sito.

Important: the final price of the shirt is normally determined by the price of the fabric. Always included are 4 hand stitching and – if chosen – Australian mother-of-pearl buttons. Only the choices of any further hand stitching (9 or 13) and any contrasting fabric (in the collar or cuffs) by their nature involve a small surcharge.

The Front (Cannolo and Taschini)

The cannolo is the front part of the shirt where the buttons are placed. Choose how you want the cannoli (with single stitching, double stitching, covered cannoli, or plissé ).

Do you want to add pockets? Depending on the occasion you use your shirt, choose whether or not to insert a breast pocket, on which side, or even two breast pockets. You can also choose the shape and possibly the presence of the button.

The Back (Fit and Length)

Choose how you want the back of your shirt to be made: the side darts flatter, while the central or side pleats increase the ease of movement of the arm.

Choose the length based on how you intend to wear the shirt: tucked in or untucked. A standard length is perfect for most occasions, while a slightly shorter or longer length can be an elegant option for certain styles or outfits.

Buttons (and Button Sewing)

We offer different button options: in mother-of-pearl, with an extraordinary quality and brightness, available in 12 colors with beautiful reflections; of design, with creative colors and decorations; in polyester, with a wide range of colors and resistant to washing and breakage.

(and many others)

If you wish, also choose the type of stitching of the button (especially indicated in the case of using a contrasting color thread).

Buttonhole and Button Thread (and Topstitch)

Why not, magnificent combinations can also be made by choosing a particular thread color for the buttonholes and/or buttons.

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Furthermore, if you wish, you can also choose the stitching you prefer. The topstitch is the distance of the seam from the edge of the collar and cuffs of your tailored shirt. You can choose the stitching you prefer, based on the look and fit you want to achieve. If you do not make a choice, the default 5 mm stitching standard will be applied to the collar and cuff seams.

The Contrasts

A touch of contrasting fabric can make all the difference in the look of your tailored shirt. Choose a different fabric for the collar and cuffs, and unleash your creativity: you can opt for a more elegant or casual, bright or dark, printed or smooth fabric. Contrasting fabrics are a simple yet effective way to further personalize your shirt and make you stand out.

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Notes: the choice of contrast involves a small surcharge.

Initials or monograms

Choose if and where to have your initials embroidered. For example, we can insert them on the left side (at the height of the 4th-5th button), on the left cuff, or inside the collar. We can embroider them in uppercase or lowercase, in italics or block letters, with the thread of the color you want.

Do you want to further embellish your shirt?

And remember, 4 hand stitches are always included!

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