Road Shows & Trunk Shows

To make you feel the emotion of a BROCCHIERI shirt we periodically organize Road Shows in Italy and Trunk Shows in some other Countries.


For Italy we are planning to create a ring tour that allows us to be personally present at least twice a year in the main cities, both on the coast and in the interior, obviously without neglecting the major islands.

To this end, we are having a means of bringing our tailoring to your home: you will be able to see and touch all our products, all the variants of collars, cuffs, buttons, etc …,talk to us by letting us participate in your needs, so that we will try to give them the best possible answer.

LuxuryShowRoom on wheels: 13m2 of shop with sitting area, display, and dressing room

…all comfortably seated on a sofa in front of your home, perhaps drinking a cold drink and eating a typical Neapolitan sfogliatella (delicious local dessert).

By calling or writing to the Company you will be informed of the dates on which we will be present in your area. Some regions are also already covered by our Stylist Assistant , style consultants who collaborate with us and who have the complete sample of our Fabrics and various accessories, so that you can make you personally aware of the quality of our proposal and can also refer to them for any of your needs: we will never leave you alone, neither before, nor during, but not even after your purchase.


For some more distant destinations or in any case not easily reachable by car, we will be present in the Hotel, where we will set up, like the previous caravan , a room so that you can still experience the thrill of the purchase. in a Neapolitan tailor’s shop. All our fabrics will also be present here with all the variants already foreseen: you can see, touch and ask for further variants, to make your new shirt truly yours: we will be there to listen to you, advise you and ensure that you have the shirt perfectly as you want it.

As regards abroad, the first destinations we will activate will be:

  • Paris
  • London
  • Dublin
  • Moscow
  • New York

you suggest our next destination

Would you like to participate in one of our events? Tell us where you would like to meet us, we will tell you very soon if and when it will be possible to satisfy you.